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Replica Grandfather Clocks, Dublin

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Grandfather clocks - timeless elegance, precision engineering

No time-piece evokes the same passion, nostalgia and sense of charm as a grandfather clock. These beautiful instruments are reminders of a bygone era, marking the passing of time with grace and style. The swing of the pendulum to and fro, the famous "tick-tock" sound, and the ring of the chimes on the hour, half and quarter-hour, brings time to life, and life to any home. The grandfather clock stands tall, solid and stable, declaring the time of day by sight and sound, with accuracy and spirit. The grandfather clock's imposing presence built to last through time helps give us a true appreciation for time not just as a statistic, but as a measure of our most priceless possession.

As Plato said:

"Time is the moving image of perfect eternity"

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Available in a variety of styles and finishes.

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